by Jacob Stinson


Random idea inspired by the #24HourMixtapeChallenge but, I'm not gonna to a whole mix there.


My heart is aching

Breaking in waitin for a chance

A dance with life despite its bite
Fighting for a chance, happenstance

My colors are bleeding, screaming seeming to find a way out

I can't shout anymore the floor seems so inviting.
I'm fighting for a chance to be free, me see I hope we can agree that this just ain't working,

And I'm certain you can see the pain my eyes, fire a light bright I'm hoping you can see me now how I long for your open arms

Father find me see how I long for your peoples acceptance, repentance is something I've already done your son has paid the price yet I'm still wandering, wondering when am I gonna be fully loved

My colors are bleeding and I'm finally one.


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Jacob Stinson Indiana

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